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How Visitu Visitor Management Software Helps You Reduce COVID-19 Risk

By Laura Bahar

With most states allowing businesses and other public spaces to reopen, it’s more important than ever to have procedures in place to help you screen and manage visitors coming into your building to protect your employees and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

The Visitu Visitor Management System can help you keep your campus open, safe, and in compliance. Touch-free check-in, wellness screening, contact tracing and capacity management are just some of the ways Visitu protects your people and helps you manage campus safety.

Touch-Free Check-In

Safe, secure, and super simple, the Visitu visitor kiosk allows you to set up your front desk check-in to be completely touch-free upon entrance. Visitors easily check in by facial ID or by scanning their quick badge or employee badge and finish the check-in process using the free Visitu mobile app.

COVID-19 screening

Wellness Screening

Ask workplace visitors about their recent travel and current state of health during the check-in process with the Visitu wellness screening/survey tool. Your staff can be alerted if a high-risk person might be entering your campus and action can be taken per your organization’s protocol.


Contact Tracing

COVID-19 contact tracing

Contact tracing involves identifying people who are likely to get sick because of being in contact with those who have tested positive. Contact tracing is a critical component of safely staying open and remaining open.

If someone has attended your campus and tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus at a later date, Visitu's contact tracing tool allows you to easily trace when they were in the building, along with all other visitors to the premises during that time.


COVID-19 coronavirus agreement

Digital Agreements

You can easily require a visitor’s signature regarding coronavirus policies at your campus with the digital agreements feature. Simply upload your agreement and check the require signature box for visitors to acknowledge before they may proceed with the check-in process.



Ensure only a set amount of visitors may be on campus at a time. When that limit is reached, visitors will be added to a waitlist. They may remain in their vehicle, outside, or other designated space. Once you are ready for them to enter your campus, the Visitu visitor management tool will send them a notification instructing them to proceed with the check-in process.

For more information on how the Visitu visitor management software can help you keep your organization open, safe, and in compliance, please contact us at 813.591.4800 or schedule a demo today.


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