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Visitu Can Help Solve New York’s COVID-19 Report Card Requirement

By Brooke Sallas

With all of the requirements for New York schools to reopen, one thing is certain: schools are required to test 10-20 percent of their students each month and submit a COVID-19 Report Card to stay open for in-person learning, according to New York’s Governor Cuomo. With a Student Management System in place, schools quickly and effectively communicate with parents and the state without the time-consuming paper reports. Visitu SafeCampus Software can easily save time, improve student safety, contribute to a COVID-19 report card, and help keep your campus in compliance. 


With Visitu SafeCampus, schools can easily:


  • Complete daily wellness-screening surveys
  • Trace contacts by time and location
  • Create digital agreements
  • View a Real-Time Dashboard


Customizing a Wellness Screening Survey

Encourage parents and students to complete health and wellness screenings every day by making responding as easy as possible. Automatically send a link enabling parents and students to submit screenings with the click of a button. Send reminders to anyone who hasn't completed their health survey within a time frame you define. Based on survey answers, designated personnel will be alerted if a high-risk person might be entering your campus.


Visitu's customizable wellness-screening survey


Accurately tracing all students, staff, and visitors and their exact location during a specific time.

Contact tracing is a critical component of safely staying open and remaining open. If someone has attended your campus and tests positive for COVID-19 at a later date, the Visitu system allows you to easily trace when they were in the building, using accurate visitor records and time-stamping on the web dashboard.


Visitu's Contact Tracing Dashboard


Creating digital agreements for your students, staff, and visitors.

You can easily require signatures regarding policies, such as your COVID-19 agreement, at your campus with the digital agreements feature. Simply upload your agreement and check the required signature box for visitors to acknowledge before they may proceed with the check-in process.


Visitu's Customizable Touch-Free Digital Agreement


Viewing a Real-Time Dashboard to easily comply with COVID-19 Report Card

Know who’s on your campus at all times. The real-time dashboard provides a snapshot with all visitor details and is accessible from any computer or on the go with a mobile device. Visitu provides complete and accurate reporting to help you stay in compliance and quickly get the information you need. View and print daily, weekly, monthly, or custom reports.


Visitu Graphic for Real-Time Dashboard


To conclude, Visitu’s SafeCampus Platform solves the problem of time-consuming student, staff, and visitor management and keeps your school in compliance with accurate reporting.  Visitu, founded by an experienced school IT director, knows all of the necessary requirements it takes to stay in good standing with the state and district regulations. Visitu is here to help your campus stay safe and open. 

Simplifying your campus wellness and reporting starts with a conversation. Schedule a demo to see how easy Visitu is to implement and start protecting your school today!




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